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Your Local Professional Dog Groomer and Baker

120 Hanagita Street, Valdez, Alaska

Welcome to the FUR LAB! 

     The FUR LAB is a small privately owned dog grooming business that offers professional full service dog grooming. We take salon style appointments for your FUR baby, so we can provide the best one on one service for your pet and you.

     In our attempt to expand and grow, the FUR LAB also offers home baked treats, custom cookies, and tasty cakes for any occasion. We will soon be offering a small selection of pet products to assist in daily grooming at home and to improve daily life.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday:        CLOSED

Monday:       CLOSED

Tuesday:       9am- 7pm

Wednesday:  9am- 7pm

Thursday:      9am- 7pm

Friday:           9am- 8pm

Saturday:      9am- 8pm


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